Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy and to keeping your personal information private. In keeping with this commitment, this policy document describes our practices with regard to privacy; we strongly urge you to review all of this document. This includes the information that we collect and the use that we make of it, as well as the options available to you regarding our collection of both personal information about you and information of a non-personal nature. We will only collect personal information about you if you contact us and submit it. We automatically collect some information about you when you browse our website.

When you visit this site, you accept our international privacy practices as explained in this document. Please do not visit this site if you are unwilling to agree to the terms of our policy.

Please contact us if you have any concerns or any questions regarding our privacy practices or policies.

Information of a Non-Personal Nature

When you visit our site, we collect and save the following information: the date and time of your visit, the domain name of your Internet service provider (i.e., .COM, .ORG), and the address of the referring site that you reached us from. We also collect such information as the pages that you visit, the type of web browser you use during your visit, and the country from which you log onto our site. None of the information that we collect can be used to find out your identity. We use a cookie to collect this information. We use the information to improve our site’s functionality, to make it more useful, and to collect statistics, including the number of visitors to each page.

Information of a Personal Nature

The only personal information that we collect about you is the information which you voluntarily submit to us, including information submitted by email. The information which we receive in this manner may vary, depending on your actions when you visit this site. When you submit information, you give us permission to use it for the purpose stated, such as answering questions, providing information, or responding to other requests and messages.

When You Communicate With Us by Email

If you voluntarily give us personal information by email, we will use it to do such things as answer requests and improve the quality of our service. We do not provide information to outside organizations, except as required for investigations by law enforcement agencies.

Protected and Non-Shared Information

Your personal information is very important to us, and we take it seriously. We use all reasonable administrative, organizational, and technical procedures and policies to safeguard your privacy. It is, however, not possible to provide a 100% guarantee of security for any Internet transmission of data or any method of data storage. We will not disclose any of your information to any individual or organization except by court order, and we will never sell or rent that information.


When you visit a website, it may store a small text file called a cookie on your computer. This allows the site to keep track of information regarding your session during the time that you are connected to the site. This information can only be made available to the site which stores the cookie, and not to any other site. Cookies come in two basic kinds:

  • Session cookies, which are only stored while your web browser is open; they are automatically deleted when your browser closes. Session cookies are used to customize your experience of the site, to improve your navigation at the site, and for similar technical purposes.
  • Persistent cookies, which are stored on your computer in order to keep track of whether you are a new or returning visitor to the site.

You can turn cookies off using your browser settings; this prevent both persistent and session cookies from being stored on your computer. If you do this, you will still have access to our site, including all resources and information that we provide. If you turn off cookies, however, it may affect the way that our site functions; it will also affect cookies for all other sites.

Deleting Personal Information

  • If you send us a question by email, after 180 days the contents of the message and your email address will automatically be deleted. Please contact us by email to have this information deleted before that time.
  • if you visit our site, you can delete the cookie which we store on your system. The exact procedure varies, depending on your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc.), but the basic process is the same. See the following link for the exact steps to take to delete cookies:


Data Retention

We retain personal information for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purpose of that information as described in this document, unless the law requires or allows that we retain that information for a longer period.

Sensitive Personal Information

Please do NOT disclose or send us any sensitive information of a personal nature, either by means of this website or by other methods. This includes information regarding ethnicity, race, political, religious, or other beliefs, union membership, health, or activities in violation of the law.

Links to External Sites

Links at this site may include those to third parties which charge fees for the services which they provide, such as processing travel visas. We have no responsibility for the actions or contents of any sites not affiliated with us, their practices regarding privacy, or any use which you may make of those sites. When you click on an external link, you do so at your own risk, and the owners of this site cannot be held liable for the results of visiting any external sites, including any damage resulting from such a visit. It is our intent to link only to sites which are safe, relevant, and of high quality; we advise you, however, to be cautious when you click on any link from our site to an external site.

Privacy Policy Changes

We may from time to time update or change this privacy policy in keeping with major changes to the information which we provide, or to the site itself. You become subject to this privacy policy and to our terms when you visit this site or read the information contained at this site.


We have made every effort to provide information which is complete and accurate; we can not, however, guarantee that this information is completely free of errors. We additionally assume no responsibility or legal liability for the completeness, usefulness, or accuracy of any information found at this site. Any unauthorized attempts to change information at this site or upload information are strictly prohibited. We use software to maintain security and to make sure that the contents of this site continue to be available to all of our users; this software does so by monitoring traffic to the site in order to identify unauthorized attempts to cause damage by any means, including altering or uploading information at this site. When required, such information may be used in connection with authorized investigations by law enforcement agencies. With the exception of the purposes stated above, we will not otherwise attempt to identify individual users or their online habits or behavior.