Traveling to the USA with a pet

Do you want to travel to the U.S.A. soon? Do you own a pet and would your pet like to travel with you?

While most pet owners prefer to leave their pets at home for the time being, there are some who feel the need bring them along on vacation or when they have to be transferred. No matter why you’re traveling to the USA, it is important to know the following points.

U.S. Immigration
February 9, 2023

It is crucial to verify that your pet can travel to the USA with you. Many airlines allow pets to fly in their planes. Some airlines might not allow pets to fly on their planes.

It is important to know the international regulations when transporting your pet.

These are the United States’ rules regarding pets:

All animals imported into the USA must pass customs to prevent dangerous and endangered animals from entering the country.

You must bring your pet with you when traveling to the USA.

Certificate of health

A valid health certificate is required by the European governments to travel with your pet from Europe to America. This serves as your passport. The local health authority is responsible for issuing the European Animal Health Certificate must complete the form in English.

These details should be included on the health certification

A health certificate must indicate that the animal was subject to a veterinarian examination since it was issued. This document is proof of the animal’s health. This document must also indicate whether the animal has received all required vaccinations. This must be done at least 20 days before you leave the United States.

You will have to pay a fee in order to obtain your certificate. You will need to pay a fee if you want an ASL that allows you to visit the site. A certificate of good health can be obtained from your trusted veterinarian 48-hours before the ASL appointment.

The ASL certificate of health can only be used for six consecutive days. It is better to have the ASL certificate before traveling from Italy to the U.S.A.

The international value of the certificate must also be shown at customs during check-in.


You can travel to the USA with your pet dog. These guidelines will help you get around.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) is an American government agency that regulates and permits pets to enter the USA. A certificate of health is not required for dogs to be allowed to enter the United States. These certificates may be required for certain airlines.

Dogs will be checked at the point of entry. If they are found to have an infectious disease, they may be refused entry into the USA. Owners who suspect their dog of having any disease will be reimbursed for the cost of visits. The certificate must indicate that the dog received the anti-rabies vaccine within the first 30 days of departure from the USA. This speech must be made to assist dogs and companion dogs with disabilities.


Puppy dogs are puppies less than 3 months old and cannot be vaccinated against Rabies. They will not be certified.

The owner must sign an agreement to allow the puppy to travel to the United States. To allow the vaccine’s effects to take place, the puppy must be kept isolated for at least 30 consecutive days.

It is not recommended to bring your puppy to America. Dogs who are not vaccinated, or have been imported from overseas for reproductive or commercial purposes are not allowed to travel to the USA.


Traveling with your cat is much easier than traveling with your dog in the USA. The CDC in the USA does not require rabies vaccination certificates. Some airlines may request it, as they do for dogs. It is best that you inform the airline in advance of your plans to bring your pet to the USA.

Also, cats should be checked before being released. Check your cat for signs that could spread diseases to other people. If the owner is unsure, a veterinarian exam will be necessary.

It is not necessary: You are not required to quarantine your cat if you travel to Hawaii or Guam.


The United States regulates the import of birds. The Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. regulate the import of birds. These protocols are international agreements which regulate the exchange and protection of birds from endangered or alien species.


The USA has no rules regarding the import of fish. The U.S. regulates this matter. You might need to follow certain procedures when you import endangered or potentially dangerous species of fish.


The U.S. regulates reptile imports into the United States. Fish and Wildlife Service. This government website provides information about reptile regulations, endangered species, as well as fish.

It is possible to import reptiles into the USA if they are not endangered. It is illegal to import turtles less than 4 inches in shell size into the USA.

Small mammals

These animals can be imported into the USA without being subject to embargoes, regulated import rules, or animals that pose a threat to the environment. California bans the introduction and breeding of ferrets. You can view the U.S. regulations here. Fish and Wildlife Service website.


What are the rules for air and sea travel?

It doesn’t matter if your pet is brought to the USA by plane, boat, ship, car or boat. You must follow all entry procedures to the USA.

Which airports offer stopovers?

Animals accompanying us on our journey are considered average luggage and subjected to standard baggage procedures. You can either pick up your pet at security or take it to the final airport.

Must you include the animal in your Customs Declaration?

Yes. Before you can land in the USA, you must fill out the Customs Form that is provided by your flight attendants.


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